Experienced writer and communicator with a marketing background. Skilled creator and producer of unique audience experiences. Able to reach diverse audiences.  

My creative approach takes the form of documentation, interpretation, social practice, political action, institutional critique, or artistic intervention. I have built my reputation as a chronicler of southern culture and as a curator who conceives and executes experimental community engagement programming, including art-making activities, performances, conversations and residencies. I curate intentionally designed opportunities for interaction, shifting the traditional institutional paradigm to a constructionist philosophy of learning by doing. As a writer, I love to seek out the new: uniquely driven artists, musicians, creators and thinkers who have stories that are burning to be told. I'm also incredibly passionate about other people's work, and have frequently taken the role of PR and marketing whiz to promote it. 

For me, writing and curating are about creating unique experiences that build and engage new audiences. Communications and marketing are about uplifting the entire community.